Opera Mini - in 1280*1024!

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Ever wanted to use Opera Mini as your primary browser? You probably didn't, but for those with slow connections it might make surfing the net a whole new experience!

Imagine you're in some place where you can get 56k connection or worse just GPRS but you really need to check out some stuff on the internet. Using Opera Mini on your mobile phone might be a hassle because text input takes ages, so what do you do?
You just use Opera Mini on your PC! Proper text input, no more scrolling due to fullscreen display and still way less traffic (and thus faster page loading) than with a normal browser.

So how do you do this?

Downloading and installing the software you need:
  1. go to http://microemu.org/ or DOWBLOAD
  2. download the latest release (you can pick the snapshot as well, doesn't really matter)
  3. unzip the archive on your PC
  4. Download the Opera Mini .jar and .jad files from operamini.com

Starting and configuring the software:
  1. double-click "microemulator.jar" to run it. If that doesn't work you'll have to type "java -jar microemulator.jar" on console. (Please note you need to have JRE installed for this to work
  2. go to "Options > Select device", click "Add...", navigate to "microemulator\devices" and select "microemu-device-resizable.jar"
  3. select the "Resizable device" profile you just added and click "Set as default"
  4. click the "Resize" button in lower right to set the size you want
  5. go to "File > Open JAD" and choose the Opera Mini jad you previously downloaded
  6. "Opera Mini" now appears in the list of apps you can start, click the "Start" button to launch it
1. Opera-mini-5.0.18741-advanced-id.jar.html

2. Microemulator-2.0.4.zip.html

3. JRE-jxpiinstall.exe.html

you can now browse the web using Opera Mini on your PC,
in whatever resolution you want!

Opera Mini on 1280*1024

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